PAJ Group Holding


PAJ GROUP HOLDING ApS is a holding company with 5 subsidiaries, each with a different emphasis. All the companies develop mechatronics products.

PAJ EJENDOM is a property company, owning the office and production facilities housing the subsidiaries of PAJ Group Holding ApS. PAJ Ejendom is wholly owned by the Jessen Family.

PAJ Group Holding ApS owns 49% of PAJ EMS A/S, PAJ SENSORS A/S and PAJ SAFETY A/S and 100% of BACALERT and NEPLIPP IVS.

Company Structure
Company Structure


PAJ SYSTEMTEKNIK was founded in 1996 by Poul A. Jessen and has from the start emphasized quality in products developed using mechatronics, a combination of mechanics, electronics and software development.

In 2012, PAJ Systemteknik was split into 3 companies: PAJ EMS A/S, PAJ Sensors A/S and PAJ Safety A/S, each focusing on a different range of technologies.

In 2017, Neplipp IVS was founded to act as an incubator turning ideas into products. The first of these to be turned into a separate company was BacAlert IVS.